Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter (formal)

Hey you! 

So, the last two weeks were sort of exciting. There were days which were more "ordinary", but all in all I enjoyed the last two weeks.
Last Friday we had a basketball game against Cresent Valley High school (CV). Games against CV are always super intense and excitng. The whole gym was packed and cheering was so much fun! We won the game and everybody was super happy! 
We have a new dance for cheer, so we danced it the first time at the game, and as far as I could tell, people liked it. That's great, because I personally, like it a lot. 

Nothing really exciting happened the week after that. I talked to some poeple I never really talked to and started spending more time with them, which I really enjoyed! 
We also had a game this Friday, which wasn't as intense, but still fun. We won again, but this time it got really close towards the end. 
We had to dress nice for school, to show the team some support (Idon't really get that part, but I don't mind, because all the other days during the week I mostly wear leggings, or something unexciting but comfortable (a lot of people here just wear yogapants and sweaters to school)). Without wanting to sound narsisstic, but I really liked my outfit :) I got new boots for christmas, and I wore them with overknee socks and my cord- skirt. It was actually really comfortable and warm and I felt good in it. 

On Saturday then was Winter Formal. I got ready with Lily and Anissa, a friend of Lily who graduated last year. Anissa is just a godess when it comes to make- up. She did both of our make- up and it looked so good. 
We went to Red Robin with six other people, so we were a pretty big group. The dance itself was ok. It was in a private middle school, so the location was a lot better than on Homecoming (we were in our library), but the music wasn't really great. We left a little bit before the dance was over and just hung out. I stayed at Lily´s overnight and the next morning we went out to breakfast. Lily had a cold  and we both were really tired, so none of us wanted to spent time on making breakfast. 
I can just say: going out was a great decision! We both had chocolate- banana- crêpes with fruits, I had a coffee mocha and Lily had tea for her throat. The crêpes were delicious and excactly what both of us needed. They just made me feel really happy and satisfied. I didn't even feel bad for eating all of it. I went home afterwards, made myself some tea and snuggled up in blankets in my bed. 
It was rainy and cold outside and just the perfect day to stay in bed, watch movies and listen to music. 

Unfortunately the week was clouded by some bad news. 
First, David Bowie died. He was such a good musician and When I heard his song "Heroes" for the first time two years ago, I fell in love with it. 
Second, Alan Rickman died. He was a big part of my childhood, because of Harry Potter. No one could have portrayed Snape like he did. Thank you!
Third, there was a shooting in Corvallis during the basketball game on Friday. It was in a restaurant nearby the school and one person died. I just don't understand the gun- laws in America. It is just shocking that everybody can go and buy a gun. 

I hope your weeks were great and happy and everything worked out like you planned it :) . Hopefully you are all doing great. I am really happy right now (my tummy is full of crêpes, tea in my hand, music in my ears, and the thoughts of no school tomorrow in my head!)

Love you all! Malin 

Lily & Anissa

Lily & Saul

Saul& I

Lily & I

The three of us

Lily's and my breakfast the morning after 

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  1. Hallo Malin, es ist total toll, hier immer wieder mal von deinem Leben in Amerika zu lesen. Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen wunderschönen Geburtstag! Mama