Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new year

Happy New Year everybody! 

I hope all of you have had a great start into 2016! 
We drove to Seattle on 12/27/15 to spend New Year's Eve with Christine´s best friend, Sarah, and her family. The car ride was rather boring, but fortunately the traffic was good, so we arrived in Seattle after five and a half hours. 
On the first day, we went to Pike's Place market, which was quite an experience. It was stuffed with people and it was loud; the typical atmosphere at markets. We spent a little while at a stand which sold pasta, and different kinds of balsamic vinegar, like dark- chocolate- vinegar, or honey- rosemary- vinegar. I know that sounds wierd but it was surprisingly good. 
They had tons of different kinds of pasta, 'normal' pasta, like saffron, or tomato- basil, or lemon, but then they had super weird stuff, like chocolate- pasta, or peppermint. 

On the second day we went to the Pacific Science museum. That was interesting, even though I am not super into science. But they had different exhibititions, and one of them was a butterfly house, which was super cool. 
We had a reservation on top of the Space Needle for lunch, so we could go up there 30 minutes earlier without waiting for an hour. The view was incredible. The day was cold, but super clear ,so we were able to see all over Seattle and the mountains. It was great. 
The restaurant on the space needle spins, so while you're eating, you can slowly see the different views drifting by. The food was delicious. 
We met with Sarah and her family after lunch and took the monorail downtown, to see a gingerbread village in Star- Wars- style. 

On Thurday, Sarah, Christine, Iris, Ruby, Mattheus and I all went to the mall to go shopping. Christine, Sarah and Iris left after lunch, so it was just the three of us. I felt sorry for Mattheus, because he was the only guy, and even though he looks like he likes shopping and he never complained and waited patient until we were ready, I think he was bored. We went home after a couple hours, and prepared the New Year´s Eve meal. We wanted to make sushi in the first place, but we had so many delicious appetizer that we didn't make sushi. We played games, chatted and filmed their annual New Year´s music video. They didn't have fireworks which was a little sad, but it was a great New Year`s Eve anyways! It was different than in Germany because normally we stayed up till four or five o'clock, and here we went to bed around 2 o'clock. It was fine, because I had a little cold and a headache, but it felt weird. 

On Friday we hung out with them again. Jim and Mike took us kids on a ferry, which was cool and on the other side of the sound  was a crêpes- shop, which was quite delicious. Ruby and I shared a savory and a sweet crêpes together, which was great, because that way we can have the best from both sides. 

I have a couple New Years resolutions and I am determined to complete them! I hope all of you enjoyed your New Years parties and hopefully 2016 will be as great or better than 2015. 
Lucky for us, we didn't have school today, because all the roads were frozen, so I had a little time to write this post. Maybe I will reduce the time between my posts from one week to two, because sometimes nothing exciting happens, or I am just too lazy. 

Kisses, Malin

Pike's place market

Downtown Seattle

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