Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back in the Northwest

Seattle, WA. Portland, OR. Corvallis, OR.
Three cities, two states, one car.

I fell in love with the Northwest during my exchange year and now I returnes to the place that feels like home - even if only for a short time. This summer, my whole family came with me. We flew from Frankfurt Airport to Seattle and stayed with Lily’s grandparents for a couple of days. Together, we explored West Seattle and Downtown, enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Beach house and had the best start of our trip we could have had. 
We drove down to Portland and stayed there two nights with a family, who was so kind and showed us around. Portland, Portlandia, the city of stumps, the city of roses; no matter what you want to call it, the city that stands behind those names is one of the most charismatic cities I’ve been too. With unique ice-cream shops, ginormous bookstores and music and fairy lights woven through trees everywhere, it’s been so much fun to poke around and enjoy the hipster-y lifestyle.
Two days later, we drove down to Corvallis. It was so great seeing everybody and spending time with my family and my friends, no matter what we did: 
Whether we went to the coast, where we were lucky enough to see whales, floated down the river in canoes, or just hung around.
Continuing driving down 101 along the rough Oregonian coast towards California was breathtaking, because after every turn there was another gorgeous scenery.
We arrived in California today and our trip will take us further through the Redwoods, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco.

Hope all is well, Malin & Family

Seattle skyline

Alki beach

Pike's place market



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sun, Sand & Salt

Those three components are by far my most favorite ones, especially in the summer. 
The car drive from where I live to the south of France is about 8 hours, but this year we went with a camper, so we had to drive slower. 
But it doesn’t matter how long the actual drive is, the last hour always feels the same; I’m just sitting there and after every hill we drive around I think ‘Now I can see the water’, but then there’s just another hill and I am thinking ‘but this time, really!’ . 

And then, after I told myself I can see the ocean for what feels like the thousandth time, I can.
 And every time I can’t help but to start smiling. As soon as the car stopped, I put on my bathing suit and me and my sister went to the beach and dove into the water. And that first taste of sandy saltiness is what I think summer tastes like (besides watermelon and mojito- cocktails).
The following week I spent at the beach, laying in the sun, swimming, or relaxing on an air- mattress, biking to cute little towns to do some shopping or diving into crystal clear, rocky saltwater with my family.

My sister is biking home from Marseillan (the town we stayed at) and I am really bummed school starts next week, otherwise I would have biked with her.
I love vacation, just for getting up in the morning and thinking about all the things you can do, but don’t have to do. One day my sister and I woke up at the break of down and watched the sun rising over the water.

There was a little boy at the beach and he said something to his mum, which perfectly describes how I feel. Vacation is so great, we should go there everyday. Smart one, baby boy.

I am more than sad to go, but I am also kind of excited for my first day at my new school. I hope it’ll be alright.

Oh, and I just realized; Today, excactly a year ago, I left to go to Oregon... 

Love, Malin

The beach was ours

The water was so clear, all I wanted to do was dive in all day

I always wanted to have my sisters hair when I was little

Candy cotton skies

There was a Harley Davidson parade, and that Rockerguy just wore a kilt 

And he was by far the coolest 

My Mum

My Dad

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Hey everyone!

I'm back since two months, and everything is getting normal. I was working for the first 5 weeks, which was exhausting, but it brought in a lot of money, so I tried not to complain to much about it. 
I was looking forward to my last day of work, not only because it would be my last day of work, but also because Lily would fly in a day later. I was really excited to see her again, and to show her germany! Unfortunately she could only stay for two weeks, but we tried to do as much as possible. 
We walked down cobblestone roads and dipped our feet into the little streams in Freiburg (which means we both have to marry people from Freiburg now), we spoiled ourselves with culture, history and food in Berlin, which contained turkish breakfast, french lunch and italian dinner (oh, and of course things like the Bundestag, the Brandenburger tor, the Holocaust memorial, the Charlottenburg palace and some retro photo booths). We also spent some time walking though the streets of Colmar, eating french pastries and then went to see an old castle. 
Becasue we did so much, I asked Lily to summarize the trip in short answers to the following questions: 

What was your favorite part about your trip? 
Freiburg! Watching little kids play in the streams, they're just so cute.

What was your least favorite part about germany?
Probably that we had to bike everywhere.

If you could take one thing back to the USA, what would it be?
That'd be you.  

She is such a cutie.

I think my favorite part about our time here was, besides seeing her again, the time in Berlin. It was my second time in the city, but it is still beautiful. 

School starts for me in two weeks, but before that, I am going to the southern france. I'm really excited to do nothing all day and just be at the ocean!

I hope all of you had (or still have) an awesome summer, enjoy it while it lasts!!

Love, Malin

Most of those pictures are from berlin, becasue I forgot my camera when we went to france...

The streets of Freiburg 

She was fascinated by that water fountain

That crying baby made my day

The Dome 

Bundestag (where Congressmen have their meetings)

The Holocaust memorial

East- side gallery

"Eat crêpes no crap"

Basic values of Berlin

Monday, July 4, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Hey Everyone!

So, I've been back in Germany for three full days now, and I am still a little jetlagged, but I hope I'll start being really awake tomorrow. My last weeks in the US were so great! I stayed with Lily for a week, and we went to Seattle one last time to see her grandparents. It was so much fun! 
Lily's former Nanny Jen took us to the Solstice-Festival with her brother and his best friend. It was great to see her again, and she took us to all these delicious restaurants! 
On Father's Day, Boppa invited Joe, Sam, Lily and me for breakfast and after that we already had to take the train home. 

The following week, Lily and I tried to spend as much time with our friends as possible, and it was so much fun hanging out with them. We helped her mum cut lavender on her lavender farm and made Goodbye-Runs to a couple friends. 
After the week was over, I went back to Jim and Christine's and started packing and cleaning my room. On Monday, Jim and Christine took me out for dinner and it was great spending a little time with them. After I almost finished packing, Lily picked me up and we met Sam for a late lunch/early dinner, because I wanted to say goodbye to him too. I stayed at Lily's overnight and we had Jamba Juice for breakfast (for the last time :( ). 
On Wednesday, I finished all my packing and then I helped Christine prepare dinner. I've invited Larry and Cathy, her daughter Erica and her husband (and my Dad's cousin) Martin and their kids, Lily and her mum and Anissa. It was so much fun to see all of them again! 
After dinner, I had to say goodbye to Jim and Christine and I already started crying. 
Lily, Anissa and Chloe drove me up to the airport, so I had a little more time to mentally prepare myself to say goodbye to them. 
We got Voodoo-Doughnuts and stayed in a hotel until it was time to go to the airport. Lily helped me to check in and brought me to my gate and then she started crying and I started crying and then I had to walk away. 

I almost missed my flight, because I fell asleep and woke up when it was the final call. I slept on the whole journey from Portland to Dallas, where I had to wait for 4 hours, but it was ok, because it took me for forever to get to my gate, so I didn't just sit there. 
On the flight from Dallas to Frankfurt, I slept every other hour, but I was still exhausted when I landed on Friday morning. My Dad, my brother and my sister came and picked me up, and on our way back, we visited my mum at work. 
After I got home, I started unpacking and at 4pm some friends came over, and around six o'clock, my grandparents and aunts and uncles and more friends came over. It was really nice to see them all, and the last people left around 10, so I could go to bed. 
I've been so busy my first couple days here, I've seen so many of my friends, that I didn't really have time to miss the US a whole lot. And we still text and stuff, so it's not too bad. 
I hope I can start working soon, I want to make some money to put aside! 

And I will keep writing some posts, this time for my American family and friends to see how I am doing. 

Miss and love you all, Malin

Austin, Dillon, Jen

A woman at Solstice

Me and Lily

At the lavender farm

Me, my sister Mia, my brother Mattis

My sister made me a cake 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Congrats Grads!

You did it, Seniors!

The last week of school was stuffed with finals and assignments to turn in, so we can all graduate. 
On Friday was the last day of school for me and all the other seniors. After lunch we had graduation practice and then on the weekend people had their graduation parties you could just stop by at and spend a little time.
 On Sunday morning, the church my Hostfamily goes to, did a little service for me, to say goodbye and it was really nice. In the evening, we celebrated Ruby's birthday, because on Monday, her actual birthday, I was occupied with graduation practice. 

I spent the night at Lily's and we went to practice together in the morning. After we were done, we went back to her house, took a nap and then had a early dinner with Lily's Mum, her grandparents, Matt and Sam. Katie took us to Gills colliseum and at 7:30 pm, we all were in our lines to walk out. 
The ceremony took about three hours, but fortunately the speeches were all really good, so it didn't seem to be that long. In the end after we all took pictures, we went to the graduate all night party. That was fun, they had a buch of different things to do there, like an obstacle course from the national guard, free food, swimming pools, rock climbing, henna, a Casino and movies. Lily and I got super tired, so we left around 3 to go home. 
The next day, we went to get my stuff from my house, because I am staying with Lily for the next week and then we went to her grandparents house to eat dinner with them. 

I want to congratulate all Seniors for graduation from High school! I am so blessed to were able to experience a High school graduation with so many amazing ans smart people, and I am so proud of all of my friends! You did it, you are done now!
I also want to congratulate all my friend who wre graduating this year back in germany! It's been a couple weeks since your big tests, but in two weeks you guys are done with school too! I am so very proud of all of you, you've archieved so much! 

Love, Malin

getting ready

Lily and me were walking together

Gigi, Me, Boppa

 Larry, Me, Cathy

Me, Anissa, Lily

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hey there! 

So, this weekend was prom. I think I can say, that every exchange student who comes to America just waits for this one night. It is like the most American high school thing you can do. I remember, that I started talking about prom with my friends, who were also going to go to America, two years ago.
I was really excited.

On Saturday morning, Sierra, Lily and me went to get our nails done and then went to Sierra's house, where we met Georgia, to get hair and make up ready and get dressed. Sierra's mum helped us with our hair and make up, and my eyes. She did an amazing job. 
I didn't buy my own dress, I borrrowed one of Lily's from last year. It has grey lace and grey sparkly things on the top. 
Finally, at 5:00 pm, our dates came to pick us up and we all drove to the country club to take pictures. It was a really nice ambience, but a little overwhelming, because there were so many people. probably around 35 students and all their parents running around, taking pictures.
After we were done taking pictures, 16 of us went to a restaurant to eat dinner. 

The dance started at 8:30 pm, and we got there around 8:45. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, because people kept telling me it will be like Winter Formal, just more formal. 
And it was true. They had fruit and drinks, and everybody was dressed more formal, but the music was the same style. And it wasn't the best kind of music, but we still danced. 

All in once, the experience was great, even though the music wasn't. 
Getiing ready with some friends, going to take pictures, getting hair and make up done and just having fun with freinds, doing something out of the ordinary. I think this is what prom is about. 

Prom always was kind of the last 'big thing' for me,and now that it's over, I am a little scared. This year has gone by so fast. I am lucky to be a senior, so I get to go to graduation, which is really exciting too. And then two weeks after graduation, I will be gone. Poof. Just like that. It is scary, even though I am a little excited to be home again. 

Thanks to my friends who got ready with me, to Sierra's mum, who did my make up and hair, and to my prom date, who was a real gentleman throughout the whole evening!

xxx Malin

Me trying to put Ryan's boutineer on

The white- tux- guys

Ryan and me

Lance, Lily, Me, Ryan

These corsages were troublemakers...

...but in the end we got some pretty pictures

Will's parents are great hosts

The breakfast after prom