Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Congrats Grads!

You did it, Seniors!

The last week of school was stuffed with finals and assignments to turn in, so we can all graduate. 
On Friday was the last day of school for me and all the other seniors. After lunch we had graduation practice and then on the weekend people had their graduation parties you could just stop by at and spend a little time.
 On Sunday morning, the church my Hostfamily goes to, did a little service for me, to say goodbye and it was really nice. In the evening, we celebrated Ruby's birthday, because on Monday, her actual birthday, I was occupied with graduation practice. 

I spent the night at Lily's and we went to practice together in the morning. After we were done, we went back to her house, took a nap and then had a early dinner with Lily's Mum, her grandparents, Matt and Sam. Katie took us to Gills colliseum and at 7:30 pm, we all were in our lines to walk out. 
The ceremony took about three hours, but fortunately the speeches were all really good, so it didn't seem to be that long. In the end after we all took pictures, we went to the graduate all night party. That was fun, they had a buch of different things to do there, like an obstacle course from the national guard, free food, swimming pools, rock climbing, henna, a Casino and movies. Lily and I got super tired, so we left around 3 to go home. 
The next day, we went to get my stuff from my house, because I am staying with Lily for the next week and then we went to her grandparents house to eat dinner with them. 

I want to congratulate all Seniors for graduation from High school! I am so blessed to were able to experience a High school graduation with so many amazing ans smart people, and I am so proud of all of my friends! You did it, you are done now!
I also want to congratulate all my friend who wre graduating this year back in germany! It's been a couple weeks since your big tests, but in two weeks you guys are done with school too! I am so very proud of all of you, you've archieved so much! 

Love, Malin

getting ready

Lily and me were walking together

Gigi, Me, Boppa

 Larry, Me, Cathy

Me, Anissa, Lily