Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sun, Sand & Salt

Those three components are by far my most favorite ones, especially in the summer. 
The car drive from where I live to the south of France is about 8 hours, but this year we went with a camper, so we had to drive slower. 
But it doesn’t matter how long the actual drive is, the last hour always feels the same; I’m just sitting there and after every hill we drive around I think ‘Now I can see the water’, but then there’s just another hill and I am thinking ‘but this time, really!’ . 

And then, after I told myself I can see the ocean for what feels like the thousandth time, I can.
 And every time I can’t help but to start smiling. As soon as the car stopped, I put on my bathing suit and me and my sister went to the beach and dove into the water. And that first taste of sandy saltiness is what I think summer tastes like (besides watermelon and mojito- cocktails).
The following week I spent at the beach, laying in the sun, swimming, or relaxing on an air- mattress, biking to cute little towns to do some shopping or diving into crystal clear, rocky saltwater with my family.

My sister is biking home from Marseillan (the town we stayed at) and I am really bummed school starts next week, otherwise I would have biked with her.
I love vacation, just for getting up in the morning and thinking about all the things you can do, but don’t have to do. One day my sister and I woke up at the break of down and watched the sun rising over the water.

There was a little boy at the beach and he said something to his mum, which perfectly describes how I feel. Vacation is so great, we should go there everyday. Smart one, baby boy.

I am more than sad to go, but I am also kind of excited for my first day at my new school. I hope it’ll be alright.

Oh, and I just realized; Today, excactly a year ago, I left to go to Oregon... 

Love, Malin

The beach was ours

The water was so clear, all I wanted to do was dive in all day

I always wanted to have my sisters hair when I was little

Candy cotton skies

There was a Harley Davidson parade, and that Rockerguy just wore a kilt 

And he was by far the coolest 

My Mum

My Dad