Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break

We FINALLY had a week spring break, which was very much needed.
All of us were super excited, because we drove down to San Francisco!

We left Saturday morning, and drove to Vacaville to spend the night at a motel, and the next morning, we went to go see the Muir Woods. They were a part of the redwoods, and they were huge. It was super cool to hike around and see these tall, but skinny trees. 
After that, we only had a one hour drive to the city, and then, finally...
I saw the Golden Gate bridge. It was raining, but I still got out of the car, and walked around the viewpoints. After I was done taking like a million pictures, we made our way through San Francisco downtown- traffic, and after another hour, we got to our apartment in the Mission District.
The apartment was really nice, It wasn't in the heart of the city, but we could easily walk to a subway- station, to go places. 
We unpacked the car and after settling down a little, we walked down the street to explore our neighbourhood and get dinner. 

The next day, we had to get up relatively early, because we booked an Alcatraz- tour. 
We took the subway, and walked down to the piers. It was a grey day and a little wet, but seeing palm trees and the ocean I forgot that. 
We took the fairy out to the island, and walked around with an audio- guide in our ears. It was really interesting, even though it wasn't very nice to hear some of the stories about the prisoners. 
We came back to the mainland and walked to the 'little Italy' - district. It was nice, and after we had dinner in a really nice reastaurant with really good pasta, I kinda missed Italy.

On Tuesday, we walked around the Mission- district and saw some murals. Murals are paintings on fences and housewalls, and all of them tell a story. We were lucky and met a class there, so we kind of slipped into their tour and learned more about the murals. 
After that, we went to 'Tartines' , which is a french bakery and we had lunch. It was so, so delicious!
Even though I spoke english, and  was surrounded by english- speaking people, the moment we left the bakery, I expected to be in France, because the food tasted, like it just HAD to be from a French bakery. ( 'Tartine' is a French bakery, but it's hard to believe that there is such good French pastries outside of France)
We took the subway to Chinatown and just walkwd around which was really nice. Old people were playing cards in the park and people were walking around, busy getting their groceries, and sometimes you could hear some sort of melody jingle from the side- alleys. 
We had a really nice Chinese- dinner at the end of the day and then we walked back to our apartment.

On Wednesday, we just went to eplore the whole city a little more. We went to the Golden Gate Park, and saw the botanical garden and the Chinese tea- garden. Ruby and I really wanted to see tiled steps, and fortunately they were really close, so we spent a lot of time, walking them up and down.
We went to go to some small boutiques and bookstores and the weather was finally really nice.  It was warm and sunny and just like how I always imagined Californian weather.
We had dinner in a really, really good pizza- restaurants, which was just so delicious.

On Thursday, we drove to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and walked around the Marin Headlands. It was really cool. Ruby and I walked the Bridge (which is about 4 miles round trip) and after our legs were sore when we left. We had lunch at In n' Out, which kind of is the ultimate Californian expererience, and it was good. 
We drove to see some more redwoods, and then we checked in at a hotel. 
On Friday, we drove the Oregon coast back up to Corvallis.

The whole trip was amazing, and I really appreciatee it. San Francisco has been on my bucket list for years, and now I finally saw it and I totally fell in love. It is such a beautiful city, which so much character, and even though the streets were really steep, I could just walk around all day.

I hope all of you had a happy Easter feast!!

Love, Malin

It was a pain to decide between all the pictures, but I don't want to bore you all, so I just took one from the big parts there...


The view was worth the hike

Lombard Street

Just some palm trees

Alcatraz- graffiti from Native- Americans


Tea- garden

I think I found my favorite spot

Really big trees

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Coast no.2

Hi everyone!

My last two weeks been really good, I didn't have a lot to do for school and could just enjoy myself. The last weekend I spent with some friends and we had a lot of fun! Even though I have a huge lack of sleep since then, it was great. 
The following week was packed with basketball games. We had to cheer for both our teams,  The boys- and girls basketball teams both went to playoffs for the state championship. 
It was so exciting to cheer at the Gill Colosseum on the campus of Oregon State University. We practiced stunts and dances and it was really fun to be able to stunt again. 

On this weekend the whole extended family of my host family went to a beachhouse in Newport to spend the weekend together. I had met most of them earlier, and the only people I didn't know were Jim's brother and his family, but they are all super nice, so it was easy to connect. 
The house was really cool,  It had a big deck and you could see the ocean from every window!
Ruby and I slept in the "crow's nest", That was a tiny room, with just a bed in it, but windows all around, so we were able to see all over the coast. It was so pretty!
We all played a lot of cards and went on walks at the beach, and even though it was raining and cold, it was really fun!
It was a really nice weekend.

We have one more week of school until spring break, and I am so excited for San Fransisco!
I hope all of you are doing well and you all are enjoying the first weeks of spring. 

Love, Malin

I loved the lighting in the evening!!

And the lighting in the morning too