Sunday, March 13, 2016

Coast no.2

Hi everyone!

My last two weeks been really good, I didn't have a lot to do for school and could just enjoy myself. The last weekend I spent with some friends and we had a lot of fun! Even though I have a huge lack of sleep since then, it was great. 
The following week was packed with basketball games. We had to cheer for both our teams,  The boys- and girls basketball teams both went to playoffs for the state championship. 
It was so exciting to cheer at the Gill Colosseum on the campus of Oregon State University. We practiced stunts and dances and it was really fun to be able to stunt again. 

On this weekend the whole extended family of my host family went to a beachhouse in Newport to spend the weekend together. I had met most of them earlier, and the only people I didn't know were Jim's brother and his family, but they are all super nice, so it was easy to connect. 
The house was really cool,  It had a big deck and you could see the ocean from every window!
Ruby and I slept in the "crow's nest", That was a tiny room, with just a bed in it, but windows all around, so we were able to see all over the coast. It was so pretty!
We all played a lot of cards and went on walks at the beach, and even though it was raining and cold, it was really fun!
It was a really nice weekend.

We have one more week of school until spring break, and I am so excited for San Fransisco!
I hope all of you are doing well and you all are enjoying the first weeks of spring. 

Love, Malin

I loved the lighting in the evening!!

And the lighting in the morning too

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