Saturday, August 27, 2016


Hey everyone!

I'm back since two months, and everything is getting normal. I was working for the first 5 weeks, which was exhausting, but it brought in a lot of money, so I tried not to complain to much about it. 
I was looking forward to my last day of work, not only because it would be my last day of work, but also because Lily would fly in a day later. I was really excited to see her again, and to show her germany! Unfortunately she could only stay for two weeks, but we tried to do as much as possible. 
We walked down cobblestone roads and dipped our feet into the little streams in Freiburg (which means we both have to marry people from Freiburg now), we spoiled ourselves with culture, history and food in Berlin, which contained turkish breakfast, french lunch and italian dinner (oh, and of course things like the Bundestag, the Brandenburger tor, the Holocaust memorial, the Charlottenburg palace and some retro photo booths). We also spent some time walking though the streets of Colmar, eating french pastries and then went to see an old castle. 
Becasue we did so much, I asked Lily to summarize the trip in short answers to the following questions: 

What was your favorite part about your trip? 
Freiburg! Watching little kids play in the streams, they're just so cute.

What was your least favorite part about germany?
Probably that we had to bike everywhere.

If you could take one thing back to the USA, what would it be?
That'd be you.  

She is such a cutie.

I think my favorite part about our time here was, besides seeing her again, the time in Berlin. It was my second time in the city, but it is still beautiful. 

School starts for me in two weeks, but before that, I am going to the southern france. I'm really excited to do nothing all day and just be at the ocean!

I hope all of you had (or still have) an awesome summer, enjoy it while it lasts!!

Love, Malin

Most of those pictures are from berlin, becasue I forgot my camera when we went to france...

The streets of Freiburg 

She was fascinated by that water fountain

That crying baby made my day

The Dome 

Bundestag (where Congressmen have their meetings)

The Holocaust memorial

East- side gallery

"Eat crêpes no crap"

Basic values of Berlin