Sunday, September 27, 2015

Homecoming Week

Hey everyone!

I totally forgot to mention that I am in Senior-grade in Highschool. Well, I think it`s not really different than in Junior-grade, because I have some classes with Juniors and then some with Seniors. But the People I am hanging out with are mostly Seniors.

I also made it on the cheerleading squad. A few of you may think that`s silly, but it`s fun! The girls are really nice, and cheerleading itself is so sporty. I started with practice on Monday and on Friday was our Homecoming game and my first game I cheered at. We lost, but it was still great!

Then on Saturday I went to the Homecoming Dance. A girl from school, who invited me to come with her, picked me up and we went to a friend's house to get ready together. There were like fifteen girls and six boys and it was loud, full of chaos and one of the craziest things I have done in America so far. It was exactly like in the movies. We tried on dresses and made each other`s make up and hair. Then it was time to take photos, and the parents who were there, were like Paparazzi. That was so much fun!

Finally we all drove to school where the dance took place. There were like 150 people and nearly everyone was dancing. The music was kind of boring because the Music repeated after half of the time. But besides that, the Homecoming dance was really cool!

Well, thats it. That was my second week in America and I really like it so far. My family is great and its getting more and more less awkward talking to the people at school.
If you have any other questions about my life here, feel free to ask.

Kisses, Malin


Ana and I

Me, Sydney and Ana

Monday, September 21, 2015

1 week in America

Hey there!

I am here now since a week, and I really like it. The whole week was very busy.
 I had to do a lot of Paperwork and doing a lot of school stuff, and I spent a lot of time with my hostfamily. They are so kind and nice and I am very happy.

I am going to school since last Tuesday, and I really like it! Everyone has their own locker, and I could choose a lot of different subjects.
Here is my schedule for the first semester:

                                                           Period (1)        Net games
                                                           Period (2)        Yogaaerobics
                                                           Period (3)        Creative writing
                                                           Period (4)        Financial Algebra
                                                           Period (5)        Psychology
                                                           Period (6)        Americain Government
                                                           Period (7)        Introduction to Theater

We have a lot of Homework to do, but most of it is pretty easy.
People at school are really nice and friendly and I haven`t eaten lunch alone sitting on the restroom like all those losers in the movies, so I guess I am a lucky one.

In these seven days I am here, I have done some very americai things. We went to 
`Yoghurt Extreme`, that is a Frozen Yoghurt store and I love Frozen Yoghurt! You have so many different choices picking the yoghut and the toppings and the sauces. 
We went downtown on the Weekend and did some shopping and we went to a great Hippiestore, which I loved!!
After it we went to `Dairy queens` to eat Blizzards, and these are great! Blizzards are like Ice cream, but a bit smoother, but when you turn your cup upside down, your Blizzard won`t drop out. 
On Friday Ruby and I went to my first Footballgame (Corvallis High School vs. Cresent Valley) and it was such a good game. We lost, but our players did a great job, it was really close!

Kisses, Malin

 `Dairy Queen` - Blizzards

There were so many Dreamcatchers hanging down from the ceiling

Sorry for the bad Quality, but it was dark and they were moving so fast!

Not many choices for choosing a direction...

 My Neighbourhood