Sunday, January 31, 2016


"How did it get so late so soon?" - Dr. Suess

It's been exactly 140 days since I got here, so exactly 5 months. School started exactly 140 days ago. and now, in a couple days, the first semester ends, and the second starts. 
Isn't it scary, how time flies by? I guess most people in my senior class are really excited to end this school year and go to college. It is so exciting to see what their plans are, and where they want to go. 
Me, I am just sad, and I don't want this school year to end. I mean, of course I miss my family and my friends back in Germany, but this, here, is what I wanted for so long, and I am not ready to let it go. 
I am sad, that this semester is over, but I am really looking forward to second semester. I have different classes, with different teachers, and different people, and all the classes sound like so much fun! 

Last week was the first birthday ever I spent far away from my family. I can't believe I am already 17. I mean, I only have one year left until I am an adult. Scary.
All my friends here and my host family put a lot of effort in making the day special and it was. It was a really great birthday. Lily and I spent Saturday and Sunday together and Christine made a fabulous dinner Sunday night. I got some really, really great, thoughtful and beautiful gifts, and I am so thankful for having the opportunity to spend this day with these lovely people. 
Jim was in Germany for the last two weeks of <january, which was kind of funny. 
He brought me two loaves of bread, because I am always complaining about all the soft, sweet bread here in the states. And, oh man, this bread smells just so good. 

But before the next semester starts, we have to end the last one - with finals. 
Fortunately, I don't have finals in all my classes, and as long as I pass, everything is going to be just fine, so I am not stressing out about it too much. 
Next week, we only have three days of school and then we have Thursday and Friday off. 

I hope, you all doing great, and enjoying your time!!

Kisses, Malin

I made chocolate cupcakes

My birthday decoration

I also made a strawberry Swiss roll

And Christine got me a cake from a market

 And I got flowers

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