Sunday, February 14, 2016

Drift Creek Camp

Hey everybody!

Second Semester started! I can't believe how fast the first semester got over and I am kind of scared, the second one will go by even faster. 
I am really happy with my schedule, besides math I only have classes which are super interesting and fun: 

Period 1         Off block
     Period 2         Photography
           Period 3         Creative writing
  Period 4         Algebra 2 
                  Period 5         Painting & Drawing
 Period 6         Sociology
          Period 7         Weight training

Having an off-block for my first period makes Mondays WAY more attractive. I still have to wake up the same time as any other day, but the fact that I don't have to pay attention for the first 90 minutes, is very relaxing. That way I have only three classes every day, and having weight training in my last period was a good choice. That way I don't have to be exhausted and sweaty through the whole day. I can just go home and take a shower. 

This weekend we all drove to Drift Creek Camp, which is a camp near the coast. It is in the middle of nowhere, which first sounds not very appealing, but actually it was great! The creek is beautiful and we hiked around the woods on Saturday and just spent a lot of time in the nature. We played a lot of games and read books. It was a relaxing weekend and it was great to spend time with a lot of people. There were people from church and Franziska, who is another German exchange student in Corvallis and a friend of Ruby's, It was fun to hang out with a them and just talk. 

We have two months of school now until we have a week spring break. This is one thing I don't like about the American school system; They have such a long time between their breaks. In Germany, we have breaks every 6 - 7 weeks. Of course, here they have a two month break in summer, but I like our system better. 

We are going to San Francisco during Spring break and I am really excited! This city just looks so beautiful, and spending a week in California will be amazing! 

I hope all of you are alright and doing great! 

Love, Malin

The Creek

This tree was sooo huge

The Devil's Punchbowl

We stopped at the beach on our way back

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