Sunday, October 25, 2015

Powder Puff & Senior stuff

Hey everybody!

This week on Monday we have had our Powder Puff game, and it was so much fun! Unfortunately, it was flag-football, so you are not allowed to make contact with the other girls, but I guess nobody followed this rule completely. I think, I would have a lot of fun playing real football, with protection and helmets, so I can just bump into people and tackle them.
We won against the Freshmen- and Juniorgirls, but lost against the Sophomores. The last game against the Juniors was tough, but in the end we won the whole competition. Everyone was very proud. Our coaches, which were players from our varsity football team, told us we did a good job. 

The rest of the week was very unspectacular. We had a quiz in American Government. 
I kind of like this class, not because I am super interested in American Government, but I like the people and it's always funny.
I had to take care of some Senior stuff, like filling out graduation papers and ordering my gown and cap and everything. 

We had a Football game at Central High on Friday, and we lost, but it was so close! Central High is in Independence, Oregon, a town about 30 minutes away. Our players did a really good job, but everyone was down at the end. Next week we have our last football game of the season, and it's a homegame, so I really hope we're going to win. 

On Saturday I met Cathy to take my senior pictures, and we spent hours together. It was a lot of fun, and I think I can use some of the pictures. Cathy used to be a professional photographer, so she has an eye for little details, and it was so much fun being a part of her work. 
After that I went to the 'Spaghetti Factory' with Larry and we had lunch together. We spent two hours there, just talking about how things are going. The food was really good, and I appreciate that Larry took me there, because he knows that I love pasta!

In the evening, the mum from my friend Lily wanted to take us out for dinner. We went to 'Pastinis', This is another pasta place, so I had pasta two times this day, but I didn't care, because like I said, pasta is one of my favorite dishes. 
After that, Lily, Parker and I went to the haunted cor nmaze, which was so much fun! 
It is a maze cut into a cornfield, and people jump out on the paths to scare you. We all screamed a lot,  and it was so funny and scary the same time, and I am glad they took me there. 

All in once, I had a great week, and I hope you guys had some awesome days too!

Love, Malin

Go Seniors!

Special thanks to Cathy for making these pictures possible.

Just because I love kicking the leaves.

'I bet your mum wants to see this place' -Cathy

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