Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hey everyone!

Two weeks passed by since my last post, and some cool things happened.
In the first week, we only had four days of school, and Friday was off. On the one hand this was great, but on the other hand it meant that I had one day less to get all my things done.

I just baked some chocolate chip cookies for my two footballbuddies, but I think they liked them, so it wasn't too bad. The football game was on Thursday, and we won 36:0 even though everyone expected to loose! I was so excited.
 It was pink out, so we all wore pink tutus and pink bows and everyone looked so cute. we had a lot of fun to get ready for the game.
At the end of the week i was kind of stressed out and tired and I was very glad i didn't had to go to school on Friday.

On Friday afternoon a Friend from school and three of my Cheerteamfriends asked me if I want to go to the haunted cornmaze with them. But after we got some food we decided we're too lazy to go, so we all stayed at his house. After a little while a few more people came and we played tabletop soccer, ate some food and just hung around. It was fun and it felt great being a part of this group.

Last week was a regular schoolweek. I had to study a little bit for upcoming quizzes, and I organized my week a lot better than I did the week before, because I didn't wanted to be so stressed again.

On Thursday Martin and Erica came over for dinner, which was fun. They flew home yesterday and it was great to spent time with them.

I did one of my favourite brownie-recipe for my footballbuddies. Rocky Road chocolate brownies. These brownies are amazing, but full of sugar and butter. I think that's the reason why they're so good. 
I think I did a good job baking them, and everyone who tried them, said they're really good. I had fun making them, and Cheerleading is a good excuse to bake something every week. 
We won the game at Woodburn with a score from 55:14, and even though it was cold and rainy and most of the people left before the game was over, it was fun! It was the third game in a row which we won and everyone was kind of excited. 

On Saturday we went on a trip to a small city called Sisters, and I felt like I just entered a Set for a Westernmovie. The city was cute and we ate lunch in this supercute little restaurant called 'The cotton Wood café'. It was delicious! After that we drove to the Lavafields, which was impressive! the whole landscape was grey and full of huge black Lavastones and the trees were mostly burned down. 
I felt like I just entered Middleearth and I have to follow Gollum over the mountains to Mordor where I can destry the ring. It was so cool! the sky was grey and it was rainy and windy, but the whole atmosphere just matched the landscape to well. There were huge dark Mountains at the Horizon and the tops were covered with clouds.
All in once it was a great trip and I am glad my family took me there.

I hope everyone of you had great weeks too and everyone is doing well!

Love, Malin

Pink out

Mr. Sam

Sooo delicious!

If you ever go to Sisters, go to 'The Cotton Wood café'

Welcome to Mordor

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