Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey everyone!

I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I didn´t have the time. 
Last week we had a three- day-school week and a four- day weekend because our teachers had conferences. Jim and Christine went to my teachers and talked to them. They all said I am doing well in my classes, and my grades are pretty good. Except for math, but if you know me, you know that math was always nonsense for me. Jim helps me with my homework and Lily helps me studying sometimes, so I just tried not to fail. 

On Thursday I met with Pepper and Parker and we carved pumpkins. I haven't carved pumpkins for a couple of years, so I really enjoyed it and it was fun! I made a scary pumpkin face, Parker made a pumpkin which looked like he was throwing up and Pepper made the face from Jack Skellington from 'Nightmare before Christmas' . It was very cool.

On Friday I carved pumpkins with Ruby and Iris and baked some brownies for my football buddies. Carving pumpkins with Ruby and Iris and spending time with them was very good. I made the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, Ruby made stars and Iris used a drill to make little holes into her pumpkin, which looks very cute. In the evening I had to go to CHS to get ready for the football game. If they won the game, they could go to the playoffs, so it was a very big deal. It also was Senior night, that means all the seniorplayers, bandmembers and cheerleaders were going to be presented. 
We had to line up with our parents at the field at 6:30 pm. First all the bandmembers were presented, than the cheerleaders. When our Names were called we had to to the field, while everybody was cheering. I was presented as: 'Malin Altenburger with her host parents Christine and Jim'
I was glad that Christine and Jim walked up there with me, but in that moment I missed my real parents. I think, it would have been great if they could have walked with me. 
Then all the players were presented by names and their parents. The cheerleaders made posters and Candy- necklaces for them. 
The game itself was very intense. We played against South Albany, and they started scoring, but we scored too a couple times. The final score was 34 to 36 in favor of South Albany. It was so close!
I really wished we would have won, because it was the last game of the season and the last game for the senior players. Everybody was down and some people cried. It was heartbreaking, and I felt very sorry for the players and their parents. 
I gave the brownies to the coach so he could give them to my buddies, but I said it would be great if they could share these with the whole team, so I hope they did. 

I spent Saturday afternoon with Lily, and we went to her brother´s fraternity to pick him and his girlfriend up for lunch. They are super nice. After lunch we drove to different costume stores, to buy accessoires for their costumes. Then we dropped them off again and hung out at Lily's house. A friend from her old home came over and we went to the birthday party from her mother's fiancè. Then we got ready for halloween. It was much of fun! 
They drove me home at 9pm and I was supertired.

On Sunday I just did some homework and tried to clean my room, but it wasn't very successful. 
In the evening I went to Lily's to study some math. Her mom took us out for dinner to an Indian restaurant calles 'Evergreen'. It was so good. 
All in all my week was lots of fun and I spent my time with some great people. 

I hope you all doing great and you have had some spooky but also fun days! 

Hugs and kisses, Malin

Go seniors! Go Sparts!

Just some Impressions about how beautiful fall here is.

Happy Halloween

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