Sunday, December 13, 2015

USA - Germany


I had a great week.  It went by so fast! Basketball season started, and during December we are cheering for the girls, and when the boys start to have home games in January, we cheer for them. It is so much fun cheering for basketball, because it is way faster and more intense than football. The game is more likely to switch at the end, which makes it more exciting. 
On Friday we had a short mini- day; that means, all classes are just 20 minutes long. We don't do much in class, but I enjoyed it anyway, because I got home at 12:45, which was very good. 

Christine´s best friend came on Thursday night for a visit, and to help a little, since Christine had a foot- surgery. She is super nice and I am looking forward to see her again during winter break. 
I spent Saturday with Lily, which was great. We made homemade macaroni-  and- cheese  and filled strawberries. In the evening, we went to a poker game with her mother and her fiancé. It was fun, and we did a really good job playing, even though we didn't win. 

Below I have listed some differences between America and Germany, or better some facts, since I am here, and I just want to share them with you. Not all people in America are like this, but just to simplify this, I will say 'Americans'. I don't mean to offense anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :) 

                                  1. The serving sizes here are much bigger
                                  2. They don't use knives while they eat, they cut everything and then eat
                                  3. Fast- food restaurants have very few vegetarian choices
                                  4. They have ice in every drink
                                  5. 'Bread' is very sweet and very white here
                                  6. You can fill your drinks up as often as you want
                                  7. Water in restaurants is free
                                  8. Water in supermarkets costs more than coke
                                  9. They cool everything down, everywhere
                                10. They just have roll- deodorants
                                11. They have flags everywhere
                                12. College athlethes are treated like celebrities
                                13. They have a lot of cars and drive a lot
                                14. They can give their babies weird names
                                15. Shops are open on Sundays
                                16. They think a german accent sounds good
                                17. They are willing to drive an hour to get lunch/ breakfast
                                18. Football coaches are the highest public paid employees
                                19. They think a 100 year old house is old
                                20. They don't have christmas markets !! 

So, these are my 20 facts about America, maybe you have learned something new or at least were entertained :)

I hope, you all had a great week, and you are enjoying the Christmas season 

 lots of love, Malin

Lily's christmas tree

We had so much cheese for our macaroni

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