Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hey there!

This week we just had a two- day week becuase of Thanksgiving. I spent Tuesdayevening with Lily, before she drove up to Seattle to visit her family. 
On Wednesday we all spent the day cleaning and decorating the house and cooking and baking for the Thanksgiving lunch. Ruby and I made two pies, one blueberry- sour cream pie and one french silk chocolate pie. They were so delicious. But really sweet. 
On Thursday the whole family came over for lunch. I had met a few people before, like Jim´s sister and her family, Christine´s parents, and a few cousins. But more than half of themI didn't know, so it was a little overhelming to meet them all. They are all super nice and sweet. It was a pleasure to meet them all. 
The food was really good. They had a big Turkey, but also plenty of vegetarian choices, like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and salad. And of course, lots and lots of pumpkin pie for dessert. It was around 5:00 pm, when everybody needed a pause from food. We played games, talked and then every once in a while, somebody went to grab some more pie or an extra tablespoon of whipped cream. 
I didn't eat too much, so I didn't feel gross for the next couple days. On Friday, it was Christine´s birthday, and we planned to drive up to Mary's peak, but unfortunately the road was closed, so we just walked a little bit. Christine´s parents weren't prepared for a 7 mile walk, so we made our way back to town. 
Christine wanted to have sushi for dinner, so Jim, Ruby and I made california rolls and spring rolls. It was challenging, but fun and even though not every roll was perfect, they all were delicious. 
On Saturday we bought our Christmas tree!! So Christmas is finally coming! Today we decorated the tree, and decorated the house, while listening to christmas songs. It felt like christmas eve will be next week. Unfortunately, we still have three weeks of school.

All the Thanksgiving days were about being thankful. So here it what I am thankful for:
First of all, I am more than thankful for my parents and my family in Germany, for being so supportive and loving and letting my go my own way. Then for Martin and Erika and Erika's parents for all their effort to help me, and last but not least all the people here: My Host family, for welcoming me so warm in their family and for treating me like I am family, and for my friends I have here, that they don't think I am the weirdest person on earth. 
All of these people have helped me to make this long- time- dream of mine reality and all of them have added something to make me feel welcomed, comfortable and make this year to one of the best experiences in my life so far!
Thank you all so much!
I hope everyone of you had a great week, a lovely Thanksgiving and I hope you can start December as happy as I am. I am really excited for Christmas, and for my next few posts, I hope you'll like it!

Kisses, Malin

It is kind of a thing here to take special Family- pictures every year for christmas cards

Blueberry pie with a marple- leave crust 

Who wants the last bite of Pumpkin pie?

beautiful nature

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